Small Closet Organization - Solutions, Ideas, Tips, and Systems for Small Closets

Having a small closet can be a challenge. Every inch of space is valuable. Without the proper small closet organization, it can feel like there is no room for any of your possessions.  However, there are a wide variety of small closet systems available that can make tiny closet organization easier and more efficient.

Having small closets in your home is not an unusual feature, especially if your home is at least 20 years old. Building homes with large closet design has become a trend only in recent years. Not only are the closets smaller in older homes, but also the living space. This is one reason that small home organization is a popular topic as well.

There are several ways to deal with a small closet design:

Home renovation is the most drastic way to deal with a small closet since it basically entails building a new closet or making the existing closet larger. When remodeling a small home, it is not always possible or cost effective to remodel the basic structure and increase the actual square footage of a small closet space. While there are a wide variety of small closet doors to choose from that can update the look of a room, it doesn't necessarily provide more storage space. This is why small closet organizing systems have gained so much popularity.

Many specialty retailers offer small closet solutions designed for the purpose of maximizing space. Closet Maid, the Container Store, California Closets, Lowes, and Ikea offer wide selections of closet organization items including small closet shelving, bins, racks, and organizing systems. Many of these closet specialty stores even offer free design consultations to help you maximize your space with the systems that they sell.

Purchasing a closet organizer designed for small closet can be helpful, but sometimes the closet shelving or systems ends up taking up more of your valuable space instead of enhancing it. That is why putting into practice many of the small closet organization ideas can be the most helpful solution to your storage needs and it is often the best place to start.

Top 3 Small Closet Organization Tips

It can be difficult having a small closet, but here are a few ideas for helping to keep things neat and organized.

Declutter. Your closet is full, but is everything in there items that you use on a regular basis (or even use at all)? It may be time to get rid of the things you no longer need or want.

Find alternate storage places. When you have a small closet, the reality of the situation is that, no matter what type of storage system you have for your closet, you will not be able to fit everything in it that you want to. Your closet isn't the only place to store things. Make sure that you are using dressers, chests, and cabinets to their full potential as well.

Take inventory. What items do you have left that will go in your closet? Group like items together and see what area of your closet each group will fit best.

Small closet organization is an ongoing process. Even if you have custom closet shelving or special small closet systems installed, they are no use if you do not use them. Keeping a tiny closet organized is about establishing a system. Once it is in place, your small closet space may not seem so tiny after all.